In-Office Custom Molded Foot Orthotics

A prescription foot orthosis is an in-shoe brace which is designed to correct for abnormal foot and lower extremity function (the lower extremity includes the foot, ankle, leg, knee, thigh and hip).

Podiatrists prescribe two main types of prescription foot orthoses for their patients, accommodative orthoses and functional foot orthoses. Both types of prescription foot orthoses are used to correct the foot plant of the patient so that the pain in their foot or lower extremity will improve so that normal activities can be resumed without pain.

Custom Foot Orthotics -

Corrective Bunion and Hammertoe Surgery

Corrective bunion surgery can relieve your pain, correct any related foot deformity, and help you resume your normal activities.

Several surgical options are available for hammertoe correction. Some corrections can be made with changes to soft tissue. Others need to be made to the bone or joint.

Corrective Bunion Surgery -

Corrective Hammertoe Surgery -

Heel Pain Center

The most common form of heel pain, is pain on the bottom of the heel. It tends to occur for no apparent reason and is often worse when first placing weight on the foot. Patients often complain of pain the first thing in the morning or after getting up to stand after sitting. The pain can be a sharp, searing pain or present as a tearing feeling in the bottom of the heel.

We have many treatment options for dealing with heel pain.

Heel Pain Center -

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are due to the penetration of the edges of the nail plate into the soft tissue of the toe. It begins with a painful irritation that often becomes infected. With bacterial invasion, the nail margin becomes red and swollen often demonstrating drainage or pus.

Treatment for ingrown toenails is relatively painless

Ingrown Toenail Treatment -


Foot & Ankle Care for the Entire Family

We treat adults and children of all ages.

Sports Medicine

Expert Care to Keep You in the Game. There are many injuries such as stress fractures, tendon tears, nerve injury, that are specific to a particular sport.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Heel Pain Center

Catskill Heel Pain CenterWe have many treatment options for dealing with heel pain. Heal Your Heel Pain.
Corrective Bunion Surgery

Catskill Corrective Bunion SurgeryCorrective Bunion surgery can relieve your pain, correct any related foot deformity, and help you resume your normal activities.
Corrective Hammertoe Surgery

Catskill Corrective hammertoe SurgeryHammertoes are a contracture of the toes as a result of a muscle imbalance between the tendons on the top and the tendons on the bottom of the toe.
Orthotic Laboratory

Catskill OrthoticsCustom molded device for your shoes designed to reduce dysfunctional patterns as the foot strikes the ground.

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